Volkswagen Golf Gets a Facelift

06.12.2016 г.

volkswagen golf facelift

Launched in 2012 in Europe, Mk7 Volkswagen Golf enters its 5th year in the market. When compared to other cars, many things have changed with the latest model.

The updated Golf will serve as the Volkwagen’s launch pad for the all new 1.5L turbo. It’ll make 148 hp and 184 pound feet of torque in regular flavor and 148 pound feet of torque and 128 hp in a much economical BlueMotion variant. The latest engine has the power to pull off a new trick as well. It can shut off while coasting like a hybrid, offering an incremental fuel economy improvement.

2018 GTI also gets a power increase with an output of standard models rising to about 226 hp and those performance variants to 242 horsepower. In addition to that, a 7-speed version of the DSG dual clutch automatic of automatic will replace the 6-speed in the lineup of Golf. In terms of cosmetics, the changes are minimal. There is a new fascia with a LED headlight in place of high-end xenon HIDs. There is also a new fascia in the rear along with the LED taillights.

When it comes to its interior, the whole infotainment system lineup has been replaced with the newest generation of the MIB system of Volkswagen. The optional 6.5” screen becomes the entry offering. Now, the mid-range system now comes with an eight-inch screen rather than 6.5” ones and Discover Pro system features a 9.2” glass screen with gesture controls. After the launch in Golf, the latest system will be rolled out in other Volkswagen cars.
While the new Volkswagen Golf will hit the showrooms in Europe shortly as 2017 models, the US market models will be updated for 2018 model year and several of the features might not make the trip around Atlantic.