Tesla Model X – The SUV of the Future

05.09.2016 г.


Tesla Model X has been in the United States for a while now with customers around the pond purchasing an all-electric SUV in their droves. But, this biggest model of Tesla has also made its way to the continent of Europe.

Tesla Model X is an attempt by Tesla to cash in on the famous SUV segment. Although the company assumed that this car will get more sales than the Model S, it’s a big draw for some customers, especially those who don’t want to sacrifice performance.

As of now, there are 2 versions available. The first version was the least powerful 90D, which manages a 0-60mph time in 4.8 seconds and the faster version P90D handles this in 3.8 seconds. However, if you are feeling brave enough to endure the Ludicrous Mode, it will do the sprint in amazing 3.2 seconds. Every model manages 155mph (250 km/h) flat out as well.

It also handles well for a heavy car. The gravity’s low center means that it rolls less than you’d expect in the corners, yet it cannot match Model S. The steering and suspension can be adjusted with the options to reduce and raise the ride height, yet the difference feels minimal. Its steering is well-weighted in a standard mode. If a bit vague and the big performance on offer means that Tesla Model X is still great fun to drive if a bit clinical.

Thanks to its almost-silent electric motors and lots of sound deadening, it offers a very relaxed driving experience and comfortable seats will make it much comfortable for you. The ride felt smooth on the road and the road and wind noise is kept to minimum thanks to the aerodynamic body shape of Tesla Motors Model X.

Tesla Model X also utilizes the same big touchscreen display Tesla Model S, which only means you may open all the doors from the seat of the driver. There are several functions on the screen and this is one of the good-looking to use. Controlling the functions like air conditioning with the use a touchscreen is very easy.

You will also get an exceptional sound system in Tesla X, which stretches across the top of the dash, yet the reflection on the windscreen on sunny days can be distracting. The big A-pillars as well as offset driving position do not help the visibility, even if there’s lots of light that enters the cabin. The materials’ quality inside of Tesla Model X is good, yet it is where Tesla feels behind its rivals. The minimalist display of its wheel is also a highlight.


Tesla Motors Model X will definitely be a success for Tesla as it offers the performance that many car drivers expect. Its practical built is worthy of its guaranteed success. All same caveats about Tesla Model S remain, but range anxiety can be a problem for some and the cabin could be a frustrating to utilize for those who used a conventional layout.

Tesla Model X specs
Weight distribution
90D Front 49%, Rear 51%
P90D Front 48%, Rear 52%
Length 198.3 in or 5037 mm
Wheelbase 116.7 in or 2964 mm
Width 89.4 in or 2271 mm
With mirrors folded 81.5 in or 2070 mm
Track Front 65.4 in or 1661 mm, Rear 66.9 in or 1669 mm
Seating capacity 7 adults
Curb weight
90D 5271 lbs or 2390 kg
P90D 5381 lbs or 2440 kg
All-wheel drive vehicle.
75 kWh or 90 kWh microprocessor controlled - lithium-ion battery


Tesla Model 3
19.04.2016 г.
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3, though, will make someone among you happy in 2018.

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