Jeep Grand Cherokee – A SUV with a Distinctive Style

16.10.2016 г.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Grand Cherokee is a 5-seater SUV. There is no option for extra seats. As a matter of fact, underneath this vehicle is the same car as Mercedes GLE class, which is 5-seater as well. There are 4 engines buyers can choose from and these are 3.6L, 5.7L, 6.4L petrol and 3.0L diesel. The petrol engine is an expansive proposition, which is aimed at buyers after a swift SUV, which makes this diesel a default choice for many buyers. When compared to other cars, the looks of Grand Cherokee is much distinctive and capable off-roader than most SUVs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior

Grand Cherokee was basically facelifted last 2013 and this update brought with it an enhancement on the interior materials. As results, the seats of Grand Cherokee are supportive and comfortable while its dashboard plastics feel more premium compared before even if they are still not up to BMW or Audi standards.

If your concern is comfort, it’s never a problem with the amount of space it offers. While numerous cars in this class feature 7 seats as standard, the five seat setup of Grand Cherokee means rear and front passengers acquire acres of headroom and leg. The panoramic sunroof complements high driving position and provides Grand Cherokee a spacious and light feel.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Exterior

The distinctive exterior of Grand Cherokee is what makes it more appealing compared to other SUVs. If you want something that would capture one’s attention, this SUV is a must have as it comes with an incomparable exterior.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Running Costs, MPG, and CO2

The diesel engine can be economical. Grand Cherokee with petrol engine is best thought of as a different model in comparison to the diesel car. Selecting vast 6.4L V8 petrol adds more amount to its list price. Since not all car owners are a fan of petrol engine, it is a shame that the only engine choice is 3.0L diesel and it is not economical.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Performance

Grand Cherokee was designed to prioritize comfort than outright handling and this isn’t a bad thing. While several hanker for an SUV can be enjoyed on twisting corners of the winding B-road, some look for more cosseting driving experience. On the road, its powerful diesel engine makes driving effortless and offers light steering. There is a fair bit body lean when cornering, which just means that once you try driving in a sporty way, you might find that you and your passengers have a woozy journey.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Practicality

Inside the Grand Cherokee makes a great use of its big exterior dimensions. The front and rear passengers get impressive legroom while the interior storage is taken care of through a variety of cubbies, doorbins, and cup holders. It is shame that in spite of being a big car, it is not available with 7 seats.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Boot Space

Its 782L boot can be accessed through an electronically powered opening tailgate, which is huge enough for most families. There is also a retractable load cover to hide the valuables out of sight while dropping rear seats. Like most cars of this big, parking can be a bit tricky and several tighter spaces will be inaccessible.


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