Italian Cops Get Another Special Lamborghini Huracan

15.04.2017 г.

Lamborghini Huracan Italian Cops

It is not long ago when a Lamborghini’s Huracan LP 610-4 was donated to Italian cops. This car went into service in year 2015 near Rome and replaced a Gallardo that they had been using in the past. Recently, another Huracan was delivered for service in Bologna. But, many are wondering why would Italian cops need a police car like Lamborghini? Is it really helpful in the police department?

Having a Lamborghini in the Italian police force is a display of national pride. The special Huracan features the official colors of Italian cops with white areas and lettering that is executed to match the dynamic look of the supercar. Its livery is completed by stripes divided into the 3 colors of Italian flag that runs along both sides of the car.

Huracan Polizia is engineered with P Zero Pirelli tires, yet the sidewalls are tinted with Police Medium Blue and were made for the occasion. Aside from the usual police car complement of tablet computer, police radio, gun holster, hand-held sign, and fire extinguisher, this Lamborghini was for medical responses.

When the special Huracan is not patrolling the highways, it acts as an emergency medical vehicle. It has been equipped properly to transport organs and blood and give first aid for the injured. Its luggage compartment up front is equipped with a refrigeration system and it also features a defibrillator.

The Lamborghini cars in Italian State Police assisted in different medical transport operations for hospitals in Tuscany and Lombardy region last year based on the reports of the automaker.

If you are driving through the area of Bologna in Italy, you might want to keep the speed in check because this will probably feel a bit intimidating to see this special Huracan in your rear mirror.