Infiniti Q70 – Offering Infinite Possibilities for Every Driver

17.12.2016 г.

Infiniti Q70

Formerly called the M, Q70 is the flagship luxury sedan of Infiniti. Its 2016 variant is available innumbers trims, with the powertrains ranging from the traditional V6 to a stouter V8 combined with a hybrid which can split the efficiency and power equation.

As befits every luxury sports sedan, the de factor layout of Q70 is its rear-wheel drive. A great combination of amenities, verve and value, Q70 gives justice to every penny you spend on it.

Infiniti Q70 Exterior

At first glance, you will know that Q70 is muscular and elegant but understated. Infinite refrained from adding the gaping grille, which can be commonly seen in other rivals. The latest Premium Select Edition’s main goal is to add a menacing guise through its dark chrome trim, darkened rear spoiler, lower rear bumper finisher and darkened 20-inch wheels.

Infiniti Q70 Interior

The interior of 2016 Q70 is inviting and open, and passengers don’t have to worry about problems in getting comfortable. The positioning and driver’s seat is remarkable. There is enough leg room so no one will be complaining knee after several hours of drive.

Infiniti Q70 Under the Hood

There are three powertrains available for 2016 Q70 luxury sedan which includes a hybrid electric. In the Q70 3.7, you will find the V6 standard engine, while there is a bigger V8 of 5.6-lter that is on duty in Q70 5.6. Meanwhile, the Q70 Hybrid makes use of a 3.5-liter V6 that has been partnered with an electric motor which is great for a remarkable combined output of as much as 34 mpg and 360 horsepower. All of these three engines are working with 7-speed automatic transmission, with the gearshifts possible to be made manually with the use of the paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. Every model also comes with the usual rear wheel drive and the 5.6 and 3.7 can be yours with their all wheel drive.

Infiniti Q70 Driving Impressions

While it is not really the most efficient powertrain that you can get, the optional V8 in Q70 can definitely hustle you back in the country roads and the long highway stretches with high levels of comfort. The usual 3.7-liter V6 is also not a slouch. The optional magnesium paddle shifters allow manual control of the car’s responsive transmission. The springs, shocks, and steering and stability control were all improved like last year, sharpening handling further.

Infiniti Q70 Around View Monitor

A total of four cameras placed at the rear, front and below the side view mirrors provide a bird’s eye view of Q70 to make it easier to back out crowded parking lots or make parallel parking. Typically an option, this Around View system from Infiniti is included in their complimentary Premium Package.

Infiniti Q70 Active Noise Control

Trying to reduce the engine noise, there is a microphone that has been mounted in the car ceiling which listens for any low frequency noise then creates sound waves in order to balance things out.


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