Honda S660 – A Cute Car to Get You Smitten

27.08.2016 г.

Honda S660

The kei car segment of Japan is no doubt one of the most sought after among car enthusiasts and upon the introduction of the Honda S600, it was simply natural for them to be lured to this new model.

The S660, similar with all the kei cars, is designed to adhere to the strict regulations of the Japanese, which, most of the time, means that the pint-sized playthings never get to leave the Land of the Rising Sun.

With a smidge below 3.4 meters long, S660 is over one foot shorter than Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback and also a less than one meter and a half tall.

The powertrain specifications are also what you can call cute. As its name suggests, Honda S660 is being powered by the 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine which can produce 104Nm and 47kW / 63 PS / 62 HP. Its engine is mid-mounted, powering the rear wheels.

This toy-like model from Honda might be literally too small for most people. If you happen to be 180 centimeters tall, the top of your head is going to sit increase clear of the car’s window sills, which means that a drive is going to end up messing up your hair, a crash is going to send your face straight to the windscreen frame and a heavy downpour is going to require you to get rid of some vertebrae so that you can fit under the targa-style roof.

However, none of these little mishaps will surely wipe away the big smile on your face the moment you get behind the wheel.

Its small engine sounds like a tortured blender, sensationally spending 99% of its life that screams between 3,500 to 6,000rpm, which is undoubtedly the real mark of a genuine Honda motor.

These humble outputs are going to matter very little the moment it propels its body of 830 kilograms to the electronically limited 134 kilometers per hour / 83 mph top speed with lots of things up its sleeve.

The drivetrain’s highlight is no doubt the six-speed manual transmission of the S660. Many people fell in love with the manuals of Honda several years ago Accord Euro and the stubby, sweet-shifting and short-throw stick in the form of S660 is a very euphoric remind that the Japanese car manufacturer is among the best in the automotive landscape.

There is also a continuously variable transmission or CVT available but you will be much better off if you will stick with the manual.

Honda S660 has a slightly cramped cabin that is as basic as what you can expect, with little more than climate controls found on the narrow dashboard.

However, the S660 is definitely not about cup holders and heated seats or other things that only look great on the paper. At a reasonable price bracket, it is almost the same price as the more sensible yet far less spirited Jazz Hybrid of the brand, as Honda aims to capture the imagination of the next generation driving enthusiasts these days.


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