Ford Mondeo Hybrid – A Hybrid Like No Other

06.09.2016 г.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

The latest Ford Mondeo Hybrid has been primarily developed due to the increasing clamor among the US drivers for petrol-electric hybrids and is also the first ever Ford hybrid built and marketed in Europe. This is a good looking car that has lots of space that is also most efficient for driving in urban conditions.


Ford is known for setting the benchmark for agility and car handling in many classes. The Mondeo hybrid makes use of two electric motors and 2-liter petrol engine. One of these electric motors has improved the torque, filling in the power gaps in Atkinson cycle petrol engine and the other one is responsible for regenerating electricity when braking. These two sources of power have perfectly blended together so you will never experience the join. Its front wheels have been powered through a slow responding CVT that dominates the proceedings.

Choosing low gear mode can increase regenerative braking, that can be useful when you happen to be living on the hill. Its maximum power is 187 HP (140 kW) being produced at 6000rpm with 128 lbs. ft maximum torque at 4000rpm. It takes only 9.2 seconds to accelerate from rest to 62mph, with its top speed of 116 mph (187 km/h). Once the batteries have been fully charged, Mondeo can go to as much as 85mph on electric power alone. 

The Aesthetics

With its face inspired by the Aston Martin, Mondeo is a very handsome ride with dominating presence due to its size alone. You will probably get more room compared to the rear of Mercedes Benz S-Class limousine. Its diesel and petrol models can also be supplied as estate cars or hatchbacks. It has a length of 4,871mm and width of 1,852mm.

Controls and Comfort

You can easily hear the hybrid’s engine’s hard work once you accelerate yet from the outside, this was much quieter as compared to the annoyingly loud turbo diesels. The wind and engine noise were relatively low when cruising on motorways yet the tires can drum on other surfaces. Its brake pedal gets that unusual two-stage feeling that is very common on cars that have energy harvesting.

As dictated by trend, most of the functions of Mondeo such as entertainment, navigation, climate and phone are operated through a large touch screen although this might not be that easy to use due to some fiddly buttons. 

Running Costs and MPG

Ford Mondeo hybrid’s official combined figure for fuel consumption is 67.3mph on combined cycle. Its fuel tank is merely 51 liters as compared to other models’ 62.5 liters. Hybrids are actually most efficient when used in urban environments wherein its official figure for fuel is 100.9mpg. The 99 g/km carbon dioxide emissions place the Mondeo to vehicle excise duty class A that means there is no road tax. The main service intervals are at 12,500 miles and this has a 3-year/60,000 mile warranty.

A Green Drive

You can call up the coaching screen that will teach you how to drive economically. Its engine cooling and air condition have been electrically powered to save fuel and lessen the engine load. The exhaust gas heat recovery system also helps the cabin of Mondeo to warm up fast during cold days.


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