Ferrari FF – The Most Groundbreaking Ferrari

14.08.2016 г.

ferrari ff

Ferrari FF is a 4-set, 4-wheel drive shooting brake that means it is a bit like a cross between an estate car and a coupe. There are 2 doors and 4 proper seats, which is actually the first 4x4 system of Ferrari. That is the reason why Ferrari FF is the departure for this Italian marquee. It is run by a front mid-mounted 6.2L, 660 PS/650 bhp V12, which replaces 612 Scaglietti as Ferrari GT of choice.

What It’s Like to Drive Ferrari FF?

Apprehension ruled when the Ferrari announced the Ferrari FF will be 4x4. A lot of people thought that a Ferrari must be rear-wheel-drive, which is a big thing, but only forty millimeters shorter than the Scaglietti. The heart of this setup is a whole new type of 4x4 system, which depends on a conventional 7-speed DSG gearbox to drive rear wheels and the second gearbox with a combination of bolted gears to the engine’s front.

The second gearbox was said a power take-off or PTU and shoves power to its front wheels through a pair of the wet clutches. It may be sound complicated, yet it means that the 4x4 system on Ferrari FF is more controllable and compact compared to the traditional system, which relies on the series of extra differentials and propshafts.

There is also an added advantage of torque as Ferrari FF can throw power at the gripping tyre to  curb an unwanted under steer whereas majority of cars utilize ESP to brake the inside wheel, which is more fun.

The Interior

The good thing about this Ferrari FF is that it’s a practical Ferrari. The rear seats swallow two reasonably sized adult people and with seats up, the boot is a respectable 450L of larger. Once you flip the seats down, you will get 800L. It isn’t quite a Transit, yet enough to cope happily with reality. All of these are combined with 62mph/3.7 seconds. From its driver’s seat, it is all Ferrari as it features a brown leather interior, paddleshift DSG gearbox, and manettino switch.


  • 4-wheel drive with a rear-drive persona
  • V12 acceleration and sound
  • Has enough room for a lot of things and can accommodate 4 people
  • Stunning cabin design and materials
  • Distinctive exterior styling

  • Dated infotainment

The Bottom Line

Back on dry, normal roads, Ferrari FF feels definitely agile for its weight and size and the length of the nose. It is unfair to expect this to hit the dynamic heights of about 458, but the steering of Ferrari FF is very fast and turns into corners sharply surprisingly and with small amounts of lock surprisingly. Its composure via a particular quick left-right-left sequence of the off-camber corners was a renowned handling highlight during the test. But still, Ferrari FF is one of the best supercars that Ferrari has ever built in the history. So, if you want to try something new under the brand of Ferrari, Ferrari FF is a good option.


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