Bugatti releases 2017 Chivon masterpiece

07.03.2016 г.

Bugatti Chivon

It was only few days ago, when in Geneva one of the biggest year`s motto show took place. This was an event to die for, because most of the awaited vehicles were presented for the first time. Bugatti did not miss the chance to the same – to thrill the audience with a new debut from their company. Chivon 2017 is a model that every sports car lover should take a look, because this 8-liter car with turbo W-16 engine can blow your mind. It does make up to 15000 hp and about 1,165 lb-ft of torque. So, as you can see Bugatti Civon 2017 might indeed become one of the fastest cars in the world ever...But let`s say few more words about this masterpiece!
With its two-sided LED lights in each edge cluster, Bugatti Chivon comes with a splendid outside look. Inside, you can see 100% minimalist interior design that smashes the look from the very first side. The four main dials and the hazard button come as the biggest enemy of classy looks. There`s nothing so classy about the newest Bugatti masterpiece since this car might become a synonym for modernism.
Moreover – the latest  Bugatti Chivon car is also backed up with stunning multi-nuance exterior design. The company took blue probably due the fact this is the color of the year, but  even though this masterpiece was red or purple, it just cannot be ugly or non-attractive. Plus – the the cooling ducts, which are mounted on top of the car and side air vents add some futuristic style that no one would deny to have it. Plus, last, but not least, let`s say that the big competition Porsche said Bugatti Chivon 2017 is going to make a massive impression on the audience.