BMW X7 Review – Is It the Big SUV of Your Dreams Yet?

25.01.2020 г.

bmw x7 xdrive50i

BMW X7 is here and this is by far largest and most deluxe SUV from the company out to attract the attention and interest of car enthusiasts. And as a way of keeping up with the mammoth size of this swag of a vehicle, the BMW badge on its nose is also made bigger. Its size, however, is not only about accommodating more passengers. After all, the company has a 7-seater that comes with a more affordable price in the form of 2 Series Gran Tourer. Instead, X7 is all about the size and grandness of it all, even if you are just cruising the roads by yourself.

X7 is the epitome of luxury in every sense of the word. It takes inspiration from the 8er and revamped & series to make the three-flagship fleet of the company. BMW wants the world to see that this high end trio is a completely different top end luxury series.

A clue to this is the addition of the strapline Bayerische Motoren Werke in all the ads for X7. The explanation for this is simple. In the fashion business, the full name of the brand is usually used for top of the line items while initials are used for diffusion line. This might sound funny, but that’s just things are.

However, the trio is not completely a different line. When it comes to tech and design, the three are better, plusher, and bigger BMWs.

BMW X7 features three rows of seats. On the middle row, you will find the option to use the three-seat split bench or the pair of posh individual thrones.

BMW has also used their technical wizardry at the car’s chassis and this monster of a truck sized vehicle can be perfect for your off-road adventures.

The similar technologies also make the X7 track-capable.

Now that you have a good idea of what you can expect from the X7, read on to know more about this newest series from the brand.

Three Trim Levels of BMW X7

There are three available trim levels of 2020 BMW X7, namely, M50i, xDrive50i, and xDrive40i. For majority of shoppers, the best option is their base 40i model. This comes fully equipped with different features for convenience and this provides a solid engine performance. Although it is tempting to choose to go for the 50i models, there is a steep price that comes with the high-powered V8 engines under their hood. All of the trim levels of X7 come standard as a 7-seater but you have the choice to upgrade to the captain’s chairs on the second row to configure it into a 6-seater.

• BMW X7 xDrive40i

The xDrive40i trim level comes with a 335-hp turbocharged straight-6 engine with 8-speed automatic transmission combined with the all-wheel drive. The standard features of xDrive40i include the 16-way power-adjustable and heated front seats, upholstery made from synthetic leather, a steering wheel wrapped in leather, heated side mirrors, quad-zone automatic climate control, a panoramic moonroof, proximity keyless entry, an air suspension, alloy wheels of 21 inches, an air suspension, and a power liftgate.

The basic technology features Apple CarPlay, a touchscreen of 12.3 inches, a stereo with 10 speakers, a navigation, satellite radio, HD radio, 5 USB ports, Bluetooth, wireless device charging, and WiFi hot spot.

The basic safety features are the parking sensors, rearview camera, windshield wipers that can sense rain, a monitor for driver drowsiness, warning of forward collision, adaptive headlights featuring automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking during emergency, monitoring of blind spot, alert for rear cross traffic, warning for lane departure, and adaptive cruise control.

The X7 also comes with several optional packages and extras. These include the upholstery made from genuine leather, captain’s chairs on the second row, a night vision camera, an entertainment system in the rear seat, wheels of 22 inches, and a trailer hitch.

The Premium package also adds soft closing doors, remote start, head up display, a Harman Kardon stereo with 12 speakers, gesture controls for infotainment system, and rear window sunshades. The Executive package also shares the said features as well as cooled and heated cup holders, glass switchgear, and a LED roof lighting. There is also a Cold Weather package that adds heated armrests on the front seat, heated steering wheel, 5-zone automatic climate control, and heated seats in the second row.

There is also the Dynamic Handling package that includes rear wheel steering, M Sport brakes, as well as road-scanning adaptive suspension. You can also go for the Driving Assistance Professional package that will give you a semi-autonomous assistant for traffic jam and lane keep assist. The Luxury Seating package also comes with multi-contour front seats with massaging and ventilation functions. The Parking Assistance package has a hands-free parallel assist for parking and camera system for surround-view parking. Finally, the Off-Road package adds selectable modes for off-road driving, a locking differential, and skid plates.

• BMW X7 xDrive50i

BMW xDrive50i features an all wheel drive, twin-turbo V8 with 456hp, an 8-speed automatic transmission. The trim has a Parking Assistance package, front seats that can be adjusted in 20 ways, soft close doors, leather upholstery, and Harman Kardon sound system with 16 speakers.

Most of the options and packages of xDrive50i are similar to those of xDrive40i model. However, some prices are different. An extra cost will give you Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system with 20 speakers.

• BMW X7 M50i

This trim comes with the similar available and standard features just like the xDrive50i model. However, this one features with upgraded V8 engine with 523hp, 22-inch wheels, bigger M sport brakes, M sport exhaust, and M Sport limited slip differential.

A Look at the Interior of BMW X7

• Car seats

X7 features complete sets of the LATCH car-seat connections for the third row seats and second row outboard seats.

• Seating capacity

X7 is a type of luxury SUV with three rows with a standard seating for up to 7 people. There is an optional 6-seat layout and this trades its bench seat on the second row for one pair of the captain’s chairs. The first and second row seats of X7 offer a high level of comfort and they provide support in every right spot and a generous of leg and headroom for adult passengers. The wide rear doors of the SUV make getting in and out of its back easy and seamless. On the third row, two adults can comfortably fit for short trips but the space is better for teens and kids for longer trips.

BMW X7 also features the standard 16-way power adjustable and heated front seats. You have the chance to upgrade to the front seats that are power-adjustable for up to 20 ways complete with functions for massage and ventilation. There are also optional heated rear seats.

• Quality of the interior

The SUVs that belong to this segment are popular for their cavernous interiors but nothing compares to that of the X7. It boasts of a reserved but handsome styling. There are also quality materials in all direction, from its sleek wood and metal accents, to the leather-trimmed dashboard, and available glass switchgear. Even its plastic surfaces also have high end feel and look. There is also a standard synthetic leather upholstery and authentic leather.

The cabin of X7 does a great job in muffling traffic and wind noise. Having said this, it is important to mention that the noise of the tires seeps through, particularly on rough pavement. This is the side effect of the hard run flat tires and larger wheels of the SUV.

• Cargo space

The cargo space of X7 measures 12.8 cubic feet at the back of the third row seats. When the third row is folded, the cargo space is 48.6 cubic feet and when you fold both of the rear rows, you will get a huge 90.4 cubic feet of cargo space. This is the average for luxury large class of SUVs. There is also a standard power-folding third row and a hands-free power liftgate.

• Navigation, Infotainment, and Bluetooth

BMW X7 is packed with technology, most of which is user-friendly. Its basic setup includes navigation, iDrive infotainment screen of 12.3 inches with Apple CarPlay, 10 speakers, satellite radio, HD radio, 3 USB ports, and Bluetooth. The screen offers crisp graphics and this can respond fast to inputs. To manage this system, you just need to tap and swipe on the screen although there is also a touchpad and knob on its center console, dedicated buttons on its dash for air conditioning and audio, as well as voice recognition. The redundant controls are useful when you are on the go.

Some standard features are the proximity keyless entry, digital gauge cluster of 12.3 inches, quad-zone automatic climate control, push button start, WiFi hot spot, panoramic moonroof, wireless charging pad for your smartphones, and extra USB ports for the passengers on the backseat.

There are also other options include cooled and heated cup holders, 5-zone automatic climate control, remote start, 16 and 12-speaker Harman Kardon stereos, entertainment screens on the rear seats, and the 20-speaker surround sound system from Bowers & Wilkins.

Among the quirkier features of X7 is its optional gesture control system that lets you adjust specific settings using hand motions. For example, you can just twirl your index finger up in the air to lower or raise the radio volume. This is neat although it may respond to some unintended gestures.

Performance of BMW X7

• Gas mileage

X7 xDrive401 comes with EPA-rated 25mpg when on the highway and 20mpg if you are in the city that makes it among most fuel-efficient SUVs in its luxury large category. The M50i and xDrive50i models powered by V8 are thirstier because these two are rated 21mpg on the highway and 15mpg in the city.

• Engine

There are three engine options with X7 and whatever you choose, the all wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission both come as standard.

Its entry level xDrive40i model features a turbocharged 3.0 liter 6-cylinder with 335hp. However, this feels as if this has even more power. It has a responsive inline six and it can confidently shuttle the large X7 to speed. This BMW only takes 6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60mph. It has similarly impressive 8-speed automatic and it can fire off fast but smooth changes in gear.

A twin turbocharged V8 of 4.4 liters with 456hp runs the midlevel model of xDrive50i. This engine allows the X7 to accelerate from stop with a throatier exhaust note and slightly more vigor. However, you will notice the extra power more as you pass other cars on the highway with virtually no effort.

Meanwhile, the higher level M50i comes with a V8 of 523hp and as expected, it might feel like a slight overkill. It only takes 4.5 seconds to sprint from 0 to 60.

• Handling and Ride

BMW X7 strikes a good balance between handling agility and ride quality courtesy of in most part of the air suspension that has a self-leveling ability. The system can filter out pavement dips and bumps to yield a comfortable and smooth ride while maintaining the stability of the X7 around turns. This is also adjustable so you could dial in cushier setting as you cruise the highway or stiffer settings while driving on winding roads.

The brakes of X7 are also refined, offering a strong power when stopping with the pedal creating a predictable and linear feel. The steering wheel, on the other hand, may feel a bit too sensitive and light although this complaint is somewhat common among larger SUVs. All in all, most drivers will surely be happy and satisfied with the driving dynamics of X7.

• Towing capacity

When the BMX X7 is properly equipped, this can tow a maximum of 7,500 pounds.

• Warranty

A 50,000-mile or 4-year basic warranty covers the BMW X7.


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