BMW Concept Z4 – Meet the Next Roadster of BMW

04.09.2017 г.

bmw z4 concept

BMW Concept Z4 is the brand new roadster of the Bavarian automaker. It takes pride from its overall compact proportions and sculpted exterior.
Aside from that, BMW Concept Z4 features different classic roadster design cues like long wheelbase, compact rear end, and low-slung silhouette. It has also a crisp overhangs and short bonnet, which helps the driver sit closer to the car’s center compared the previous roadsters of BMW.

While its sculpted shark nose at its front was partly visible in previous leaked or teaser images, everyone can now admire the eye-catching rear end of Concept Z4 in high resolution. Its rear sees the flanks of the car interacting with L-shaped taillights and flared wheel arches, improving the sporty appearance of the roadster.
Above its rear lights, its boot lid stretches all the way to wheel arch extensions while the big air outlets in rear apron are meant to make their dynamic impression based on the statement of the automaker. There is also a carbon fiber diffuser that’s flanked by a pair of the angular exhaust tips.

Its front end is as exciting to look at as its rear with low-set broad kidney grille, which takes everyone back to the early roadsters of BMW including Mille Miglia and 328. When it comes to headlights that are positioned higher than on the recent models, these spark a friendly association with BMW Z8.

It’s interior is futuristic compared to the typical driver-oriented BMW cockpit. Everything’s canted toward the driver with slim air vent the only piece of trim on passenger side. Its iDrive controller is still present, yet majority of the knobs and buttons have been changed. The steering wheel and shifter are unique to the concept. The largest change is its instrument cluster. For several years, BMWs have feature 2 big round gauges traditionally flanked by small readouts. This squares off the gauges even if the speedo and tach are still center and front.
All in all, Concept Z4 is meant to provide a preview of series-production version, which will be unveiled next year.