Audi’s RS3 to Set the Roads on Fire with Its Latest Version

05.04.2017 г.


Audi’s latest version of RS3 is expected to be yet another big hit for the company, much to the delight of their loyal followers.

Available in Sportback and Sedan forms, the most remarkable highlight of this newest version is none other than the 5-cylinder engine which went through an update that was more than what the increased numbers will tell.

It's updated turbocharged 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine has the ability to give you with 395 horsepower or 400 PS combined with 480 Nm or 354 lb-ft of peak torque. These figures all combine to make the latest Audi RS3 as an extremely powerful car even with its size.

However, there are more changes than what the increased output figures will tell you. This is because the company also made its engine much lighter at 26 kilograms and this further improved the power to weight ratio of the model. This time around, the crankcase is crafted using aluminum, not the compacted graphite iron. Cylinder barrels were also plasma coated, with a hollow bored crankshaft and its aluminum pistons have received integrated channels for the purpose of oil cooling.

The new RS3 from Audi also has the capacity to catapult itself from 0 to 62mph or 100km/h in a matter of 4.1 seconds. This is made possible by its dual clutch S-Tronic 7-speed transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive system. Its top speed has been limited to 155mph but by ticking the right box in its options list, you can expect the new RS3 to top out a more impressive 174mph.

RS3’s suspension also saw an update and Audi offers an option of RS Sport Suspension Plus. This is the German’s fancy way of referring to their adaptive dampers. There is also an option of the front carbon disc brakes when you feel like its standard steel discs of 370mm will not cover all your needs.

With all these updates, you can expect that you will be getting a car that will turn heads the moment you hit the roads.