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Since our inception, Carsmid’s main goal is to carve itself a niche in the current contested automotive market. With our constant drive to offer the best browsing experience to our readers, our site wants to remain forefront of ensuring that car owners and enthusiasts up to date with all the latest events and news in the industry and the different new trends that could impact it.

Carsmind provides an extensive content which range from event and auto show coverage, news, feature articles, road safety, automotive technology, test drives as well as commentary from our columnists and editorial staff.

Our website takes pride in our exclusive car buyer’s guide where users will be able to browse through different vehicle specifications for the different models coming from various makers and manufacturers. Our site also features a dependable car comparator and an innovative fuel calculator which can be of great help for you to rate every aspect, from the design to the value for money in order to have an accurate and honest impression for today’s car shoppers.

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Our team at Carsmind is a proud group that has been gathered together and driven by the one common that we share: our true and genuine passion for cars and everything about them. Team Carsmind is fully committed and dedicated to bring your, our dear fellow car enthusiasts, unbiased and reliable reviews of the cars you are planning to purchase together with every automotive action that you like to read, with all of these made available right at your fingertips. 

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It has already been a staple scenario to see different car reviews online these days. As soon as a specific car model is introduced in the market, you can expect for its review to be made available in different sites, claiming that they have the expertise in matters that concerns cars and they offer unbiased reviews of the car according to the features, specifications and its pros and cons.

Here at Carsmind, we made sure that your search will be made easier and more convenient. Aside from the reviews that you can find in our site, we will also help you compare features of every car from other cars that belong to the same category.

We hope that these reviews will help everyone who intends to purchase a new car in the near future for them to have a good glimpse into the performance and features of any car with no need to go through the hassle of taking a test drive. Our reviews will also help car makers for them to know the good and bad aspects of their cars, allowing them in a way for them to start the necessary improvements and developments to up their products.

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