2020 SSC Tautra Comes Cruising In as the Latest Hypercar with a Whooping 1750 HP

03.03.2020 г.

2020 SSC Tautra

A decade after the reveal of the concept, the first ever SSC Tautra production car is finally here.

The wait for the official arrival of SSC Tautra was tediously long but it is obvious that this wait was worth it. The concept of the all-American hypercar from Shelby Super Cars was originally unveiled in 2011. The plan was for the production to be a successor of the SSC Ultimate Aero known for holding the Guinness World Record for Fastest Production Car in the World from the years 2007 through 2010.

But, the market of hypercars changed drastically since then as new cars set new standards and out of this world speed records.

Yet, it didn’t stop Tautra from cruising in with all its pride. SSC Tautra packs a 0.279 drag coefficient that leads its class, thanks to its aerodynamic design. This can also maintain the same aero balance ranging from 100mph up to more than 300mph that results to an incredibly predictable and stable car that can make any driver feel absolutely confident in his ride.

A chassis made from carbon fiber monocoque can be found under its carbon fiber body with exposed parts across the vehicle. With the carbon fiber’s extensive use, the dry weight of the SSC Tautra is only 2,750 pounds.

A twin-turbo and mid-mounted V8 powers the Tautra and produces a 1,350 HP with 91 octane fuel. Once E85 fuel is used, the power can increase to a whooping 1,750 HP. The V8 of SSC is combined with the 7-speed automatic transmission with the ability to shift in 100 milliseconds or less in Track Mode.