2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR Debuts with 550 Horsepower

04.04.2018 г.

2019 Jaguar F Pace SVR

Jaguar unveiled the fast and new 2019 F-Pace SVR on 2018 New York International Auto Show. It’s like another F-Type, yet it’s a grown-up version with room for kids. The newest addition to SVR family takes pride of the ubiquitous supercharged 5.0L V8 of Jaguar Land Rover that kicks out 550hp and 502 lb ft of torque. Jaguar estimates it will hit 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds and top out over 176 mph.

Equally as crucial as the big motor of SVR are the different smaller upgrades throughout the drivetrain and chassis. Springs are 30% stiffer upfront and 10% stiffer out back, there is recalibrated adaptive suspension software, 21” or 22” forged alloy wheels, active exhaust that is 14.5 lbs lighter compared to the standard fitment, and large wheels with 15.6” rears and 15.5” front rotors. The power continues to make its way to 4 wheels through 8-speed automatic transmission with special and high performance calibration and Dynamic Drive Mode selection. Like some SVR siblings, this gets rear differential that could vector torque side to side it depends on the circumstance.

Exterior was massaged to optimize cooling and aerodynamics with big front air intakes as well as fender vents that are supposed to decrease pressure in wheel arches, provide extra cooling, and reduce lift. In addition to that, the hood gets another set of head extractors while rear gains new diffuser, quad tailpipes, and spoiler. When it comes to the vehicle’s interior, the cabin of F-Pace SVR gets new sporty badges, performance buckets that feature embossed SVR logos with the signature lozenge quilting of Jaguar. Yet, the best interior feature is the new gear lever that replaces the standard rotary dial of F-Pace.

SportShift Gear Selector lever is surrounded by carbon-fiber and metal trim, which was borrowed from F-Type and enables the drivers to shift the gears manually and quickly through nudging lever backward and forward if you do not feel like using aluminum paddle shifters.