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BMW 318i specifications

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Technical specification BMW 318i

BMW318i1984View details
BMW318i1987View details
BMW318i1998View details
BMW318i2001View details
BMW318i2005View details
BMW318i2005View details
BMW318i2007View details
BMW318i2008View details
BMW318i2009View details
BMW318i Automatic1998View details
BMW318i Automatic2001View details
BMW318i Automatic2005View details
BMW318i Automatic2008View details
BMW318i Touring2001View details
BMW318i Touring2004View details
BMW318i Touring2005View details
BMW318i Touring2006View details
BMW318i Touring2007View details
BMW318i Touring2008View details
BMW318i Touring2009View details
BMW318i Touring Automatic2001View details
BMW318i Touring Automatic2005View details
BMW318i Touring Automatic2008View details
BMW318is Coupe1991View details

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